If things are in accordance with their own kind,

why not man?

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper


The above question of the great sage Yin Xi arises from a profound observation: something is going on with us, human beings, that prevents us from living in accordance with the ability that we as a sort dispose of. But what is the essence of that ability? The human species are complicated. As to our temporary form we are one of the ten thousand things that are part of a universe in which everything is bound to space and time, and in which nothing is one in itself, because everything has a plus- and a minus side.

But this temporary world does not stand alone, for it is embedded in the infinite mystery.

Human beings predispose of the ability to not only become aware of the temporary world but also of the infinite world. However, this aptitude has not yet sufficiently unfolded; it is also said that it has been lost, for we are mainly aware of the temporary world. That is not all: we experience our temporary person as the centre of that world. This limits our consciousness to our temporary life. That is the reason why we are not in accordance with our kind. Still, Yin Xi the Gate Keeper states the following:


All human beings have a connection with their hidden destination.

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper

Not being aware of something does not mean that it therefore does not exist. In Daoist wisdom it is said that all ten thousand things are connected with infinity as through an energetic Golden Thread. They emanate from it, subsequently each of them experiences their own development in this world, in order to eventually return into the infinite mystery.

For the earth with all its mountains, seas, plants and animals, this is an automatically developing process. ‘For’,  as is said in Daoist metaphysics: “each body that goes through a  long-term and repeated cyclical movement, purifies, ennobles and spiritualizes itself.’ (K. Schipper, Tao, living religion of China, p. 59).

However, as far as we humans are concerned: in order to re-enter into the mystery, our cooperation is essential.  To enable this, we dispose of the so-called ‘free energy’. This is the energy that we do not need to maintain our life.   One characteristic hereof is creativity and the ability to adapt, but through free energy also transformation is possible: both outer and inner transformation.

Everywhere around us we see the many and very impressive creative things that we, humans, have accomplished with the use of free energy. We have in this way given the world a different view. It is not only very often pleasant to stay in this world, but because of our actions there is also a lot of suffering and violence. Whenever free energy is used for the purpose of temporary things, there are always two sides involved, while all the same we are very often longing so much for unity and peace. But, as Yin Xi says:

This life is not your destination.

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper


In the previous blog we talked about how the learning-sage becomes aware of the fact that within him, her, there is something of a timeless nature.

It is the Yong, the immovable centre of the microcosm. The Yong is like a spark of Tao, and is connected with the unity of the mystery through the Golden Thread.

Because our heart coincides with the Yong, there is a sign post in ourselves, pointing the way to our destination that lies in the infinite.

Now it might well be that in us the thought arises that it would be best for a learning-sage to withdraw from this world. Thus to be able to completely devote himself to the ‘higher’, unhindered by the duality of the ten thousand things while staying on a high mountain top or in a deep cave.

But this can be self-deception, considering that both positive and negative belong to this world, and also the learning-sage himself is part thereof. In him, in her, the dual aspect is active, so it would be taken along, up the mountain or into the cave. The learning-sage equally does not reach infinity by rejecting the temporary, after all, this is part of infinity. However, he, she, learns in what way he, she, learns about the temporary life without damaging the timelessness within.

He does so by applying his free energy to give both worlds what they need.

He learns to realize while standing in the world that he does not coincide with it.

This is an aspect which in Daoism is called: ‘Following the double course’. (Also see the blog with this name).

None of the things is without destination

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper


But does the learning-sage then not just have it both ways? Is following the double course not simply a manner to quietly continue with ordinary life and whenever it is convenient to direct himself to Dao? All this based on the thought that no doubt Dao will understand that he is only human?

It is a very understandable thought. But in doing so a human being continues – as he has done for so long – to place himself in the centre. From that position he looks at the ten thousand things and uses them for his own interest (or that of the group to which he is connected). In Daoist philosophy this is called ‘You Wei’, which means: “to act, having”.

Because he is standing in the centre the ten thousand things are – as from the outside – rotating around him.

In endless rotations and continuously changing coloration their Yin- and Yang side alternate. It is the path of ordinary life.

However, in his heart the power of the One mystery is active. This causes not only a longing for the infinite to arise within the learning-sage, but makes him also aware of the fact that he can cooperate in the work of a profound, inner transformation. Yin Xi the Gate Keeper says:


None of the things of this world contain fundamental hindrances

that is why they can transform

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper


Because of this it is possible that the learning-sage begins to use his free energy to literally turn around. He no longer goes around the outside, but follows the Golden Path, the path of the middle.

On this Path he uses his free energy to become lesser as a person, in order to thus give the place in the centre to the timeless nucleus within him.

This way of living is called ego-less acting in Daoism, or also Wu Wei.

Through Wu Wei a timeless power is released from the nucleus in his Heart. This power brings about the transforming process within him.

The only thing the learning-sage does is to use his free energy to follow the inner direction sign that leads from Yong to his destination in the infinite.


To have knowledge of the major connectivity

of the inside and outside

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper


The learning-sage follows the Golden Path on the basis of the nucleus in his heart that is in the Middle. 

On both sides the powers of Yin and Yang are in motion. They are the two ways in which the One energy manifests itself, on the basis of Dao in the Centre. In Daoist wisdom it is said: “One time Yin and one time Yang, that is Dao”.

This refers to the Unity that has never been part of duality. The Golden Path leads to this unity.

In order to reach this, the learning-sage needs to follow ‘the double course’.  This entails that the inside and the outside are connected with each other so that what is temporary can be transformed into the timeless.

While following the Path of the Middle, in the daily life of the learning-sage all kinds of things are happening that require his attention. He straightforwardly acknowledges that his individual I is touched by pain and sorrow and he realizes that very often he is dragged along by them (ghosts and phantoms).

He is not judging himself for this reason, nor is he declining his difficulties as if they would not matter, but he gives them the necessary attention while at the same time opening himself in Wu Wei for the mystery within him.

Through the power that emanates from it the ten thousand things are first of all purified within him and secondly they can transform.

 Yin Xi states the following about the human being who follows ‘the Double Course’:


Being without I the sage is the wise Human Being

both good, wise and virtuous 

as well as stupid, ignorant and foolish  

Yin Xi the Gate Keeper

This is clearly shown when he continues his Path and subsequently encounters totally different obstructions. In the next blog you read more about this.

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